Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bhairavgad and Aajoba

Shirpunje's Bhairavgad and Ajoba fort and descend through Guyariche Dar 

28-29 December 2013
With YHK group

First did Shirpunje's Bhairavgad, then mighty Ajoba fort.
Next day descend through Guyariche Dar or Dara Ghat.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Latur Temple Tour - Ambejogai, Parali Vaijanath

Latur Temple Tour - Ambejogai, Parali Vaijanath

15 December 2014

with Shachi Marathe

Yogeshwari Temple
Nrusinh Temple
Kholeshwar Temple
Hattikhana caves
Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Mandir
Sakleshwar aka 12 Khambi Mandir
Aundha Nagnath Mandir

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dhakoba, Durg, Doni Daar aka Trigundhari Ghat aka Tirangi Ghat

Dhakoba, Durg, Doni Daar aka Trigundhari Ghat aka Tirangi Ghat

7-8 December 2013
With Vaishali Haldavanekar, Doctor Pagrut, Swati Desai, Pinak Puranik and Dhananjay Madan aka Appa.
We started at 1am in night from Dadar and with all pick up from home reached Bhivade village at 8:30 including one tea break and one breakfast break. We had breakfast at Apatale village and there we decided to climb Dhakoba from Bhivade instead of Amboli as hotel owner guided so. We started from base at 8:45am and reached Dhakoba temple at 11am. The route is really nice through valley. After reaching temple, Vaishali, Swati and Appa went till top. We left Dhakoba and moved towards Durg at 1:45 and reached Durg fort at 3:45. The route is scenic and have lot of water streams on route. We clicked few pics on the fort and descended towards Durg Mandir. At our disppointment Durg Mandir and the Samaj mandir has totally changed and mordanised. With the thought of next day's plan we decided to move ahead towards Hitvij village.
Hatvij is clean and peaceful village. We stayed in main temple at the entrance of the village. The lady staying in front of the temple helped us with lending her chulha to cook Khichadi on it. After dinner we went for moon-walk:)
Next day morning we got up at 6:35am and left at 8am. The villager from Aghad wasti came as a guide. We did some timepass at his house. Around 9:30 we actully started descending the Doni Daar. We halted at two places and had some snacks. The route is easy except at one place there is traverse at the right with so narrow asjust one foot-step at a time. The route moves ahead and again becomes easy. At 2pm we reached down and after crossing first wasti, Waghachi wadi and Ambivali Wadi reached Madh village by 3:45pm.

All in all thoroughly enjoyed the trek with dear Vaishali, Doctor, and first time trek with Swati, Pinak and Appa. Would suggest all of you to do this and explore the hidden beauty!!!

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Coastal Trek - Colaba, Khanderi, Revdanda, Korlai, Kasa aka Padmadurg

Coastal Trek - Colaba, Khanderi, Revdanda, Korlai, Kasa aka Padmadurg
Done with my YHK gang.
Check out the snaps:-

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vadgaon Kudpan Bhimachi Kathi Pratapgad trek

Vadgaon Kudpan Bhimachi Kathi Pratapgad trek
29 - 30 June 2013

With Arun Sawant Sir.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kavnai Trek

Kavnai trek

23 June 2013
With Chakram Hikers - Rajan Mahajan, Maria and Sheetal and others.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Bhutan & Sikkim

Bhutan and Sikkim

5 May - 18 May 2013

YH Maharashtra organised Bhutan & Sikkim outing.

Bhutan Snaps:

Sikkim Snaps:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prabalgad - Night & Summer trek

14 April 2013

From Mumbai left at 11:45
Thakurwadi Reached base 1:45
Started trek at 1:45
Reached Machi at 3:15
Next day morning 6:40
Reached top of Prabalgad 8:45
fort roaming 3 hours
had lunch
Left fort 1:15
Reached Machi 3:15
Left Machi 4:30
Reached base 5:15

Snaps at: