Monday, December 26, 2011

Moracha Dongar aka Mordhan

Christmas Celebration at Moracha Dongar aka Mordhan

Saturday, 24 Dec 11, evening me, Vaishali, Paresh and Nilesh left for Mordhan hill. Mordhan is situated at Khairgaon the base village near Ghoti, Igatpuri. The diversion for this village is from Deole village which is just next village after Ghoti on Ghoti- Nashik bypass road. We had our dinner near Shahapur and reached Khairgaon at 12:30 in the night. I also enjoyed my driving though Nilesh drove more. At Khairgaon we stayed in very first house in the village of Mr. Madge but in the morning we found the village has big temple and surronding area.
At 8 am we started our trek, when I looked at the mountain I felt it is huge and we can’t complate in two hours but when we started within 40 minutes we were at the first ledge. From here the right path goes to very small natural water source. The path from left goes towards pass. We saw lots of cattle on the way and women carrying wooden sticks for chulha. After ascending the pass you reach the mid level from here one need to take left route and go on the ridge. Take route going upward near the rock and the straight route goes to the top of Mordhan. We reached within two hours. There is plateau and connecting ridge which goes on long. One can see entire Kalsubai, Alang, Madan and Kulang range. You can also see Kavnai, Tringalwadi and Darne dam from top.
There are hardly any remnants of forts on the top. Only one water cistern and base stone of one room found on the fort. There is no water on the hill so one need to carry own food. Also there is no accommodation to stay on the fort. We had our snacks at the highest point where there is only tree on the hill. Vaishali brought cake so we celebrated our Christmas on the top of Mordhan!!!
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