Friday, July 29, 2011

Panhalgad-Pawankhind-Vishalgad - 21 to 24 July


We left by Mahalaxmi express on Friday, 21 July 2011. In the morning we took ST for Panhalgad. Since our target was reaching Vishalgad. We just salute to great warrior Bajiprabhu Deshpande and proceded from Pusati Buruj towards Karpewadi. We reached Karpewadi by 7pm. Next day again started at 7am and we reached Pandharpani by 2:30pm. There we had our lunch and we got ST going towards Pawankhind. The experience and aura of khind is totally amazing. We came up and were totally exhausted so decided to go to Vishalgad by jeep. Going to Vishalgad in fog in totally crowded jeep was experience to remember. In the night crossing the bridge on the river and after that reaching Vishalgad was terrific experience. By Nitin Bhosle's contact we got two rooms to stay on the Vishalgad. Then our hungama started, Nitin Bhosle and Sameer made Khichadi which was yummy:)
Next day again we got up early to catch first but going to Kolhapur. From there we got Mumbai Bus and our reaturn journey started.
The route is well marked so if experience trekkers are going then there is no need to have guide. Yeah do carry salt to get rid of leeches.

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