Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naneghat Night Trek - 15 May 2011

Naneghat Night Trek - 15 May 2011

Did Naneghat night trek with YHK group. It was thrilling experience as we lost the route in the beginning it self and then the fun started.
It was so exciting to sleep in the river bed after sufficient effort to search the route. The moon was almost to full, trees in line and sky full with stars, it was amazing. Another group of Trekmates from down but on another side of valley thought we are robbers when we flashed a torch and they were in bush hiding for an hour. But when one of us clicked camera then with flash of camera they realised that we are trekkers. Next day morning when we met them at caves on top we heard this and we had good laugh.
Half of the group went to base of Khada Parsi pinnacle and we all others were enjoying Karvande. After they returned back we had tasty food at villager's house. And then our Sunny Trek started.
Few members due to lack of water got exhausted but finally all reached back to highway. So wonderful night trek where we explored all wrong ways but still everyone enjoyed that part most...its true that its fun to lost sometimes...chal dariya mein kho jaye...

Note: Naneghat caves will be open they wont put gate but they i.e. Arch dept have started taking down name of the group in their register.

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