Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chincholi-Peacock, Nighoj-Potholes-RanjanKhalge

Peacock’s Chincholi and Potholes at Nighoj
A relaxed outing at Chincholi, Nighoj, Ranjangaon and Chakan at weekend with Alaka, Sanju, Nitin Bhosle and YHK gang. We left at 7:30pm from Mulund and reached Chincholi around 1:30am. We took Mumbai Talegaon Rajgurunagar-Khed route.

Chincholi village is famous for peacocks around the home, in fields and surrounding jungle.
We had night hault at Khandoba temple and next day morning ventured out for Peacocks. With all chatty friends it was difficult to trace peacocks as they could easily hear and used to run away. But I enjoyed watching so many peacocks on the trees, flying and also so close to human habitat. We heard strange tradition as Villagers don’t serve the tea because their religious tradition is not use milk in tea. We went outside village towards entrance of the village and had tea and Kandepohe. Here all enjoyed wearing turban of one Dhangar and clicked snaps.

From Chincholi we moved towards Nighoj. One villager suggested us to go though Malthan as other road is bad so we took Malthan road. After 10 minutes we saw one Indica totally up on the road. The driver was very scared. Sanju, NItin Bhosle and Bapat helped him to get vehicle away from road.
We then asked Sanju to have safe speed. On the way to Nighoj we also visited a Palace of UdayRaje Pawar at Malthan. The palace had interesting two floors well and also underground route going till Kavathe, next village. We reached Nighoj around 11am. Here on the bank of Kukdi River, you will see lot of potholes on the riverbed.

The scientific reason is …

…This is a geographical phenomenon where the pebbles that are carried by the river get locked in the cracks developed in the basalt rock riverbed. These pebbles, which rotate due to the water current, form pot shaped cavities in the basalt rock over the hundreds of years….From Net
These are believed to be the largest natural pot holes in Asia. Seems this site is recorded in the Guinness Book of World records.

After Nighoj we also visited to Ganpati temple at Ranjangaon but due to crowd just had DoorDarshan. On the way at Chakan we also explored Palace which is now making over with the local volunteers.

Check out the snaps:

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