Monday, January 17, 2011

Lonar 2011, 15 Jan

Lonar Trip

Last weekend been to Lonar lake with our YHK team with Kruttika, Vicky, Ashish, Mani Family and others. We left 11.30pm on Friday, Jan 14 by 18 seater bus and reached Lonar next day 12pm. After having lunch at MTDC we left at 4pm to see all nearby temples. Prof Bugdane very well explained the history of temples and also scientific information about Lonar lake. MTDC Lonar has very good accommodation and food arrangement so families were happy.
Next day we went to see lake at 7am from descend at one temple side till half circle at the bottom of Dharatirth temple. We took 2 and half hour to complete half circle including our photography and Ashish collecting trash on the way. By 11am we came back to MTDC and got fresh up and left for SindKhed Raja where we saw Palace of Lakhuji Jadhav, father of Jaijabai. On the way we also clicked the snap of Jijau Srushti, a garden and hall in memory of Jijabai. We reached Aurangabad at 4pm and had delicious lunch at Kruttika's cousin's posh restaurant. 5pm we left and reached Mumbai by 12pm by Ahmadnagar-Pune-Chakan-Express Way. Luxurious outing [not used to with trekking adjustments in mind] with our team and first time with my friend - Vaishali-'s baba and sister, Vaidehi. Yes Lonar is not a trek it’s a trail which anyone can enjoy only with patience of 12 hours travel by road so recommended in winter! :)
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