Monday, December 26, 2011

Moracha Dongar aka Mordhan

Christmas Celebration at Moracha Dongar aka Mordhan

Saturday, 24 Dec 11, evening me, Vaishali, Paresh and Nilesh left for Mordhan hill. Mordhan is situated at Khairgaon the base village near Ghoti, Igatpuri. The diversion for this village is from Deole village which is just next village after Ghoti on Ghoti- Nashik bypass road. We had our dinner near Shahapur and reached Khairgaon at 12:30 in the night. I also enjoyed my driving though Nilesh drove more. At Khairgaon we stayed in very first house in the village of Mr. Madge but in the morning we found the village has big temple and surronding area.
At 8 am we started our trek, when I looked at the mountain I felt it is huge and we can’t complate in two hours but when we started within 40 minutes we were at the first ledge. From here the right path goes to very small natural water source. The path from left goes towards pass. We saw lots of cattle on the way and women carrying wooden sticks for chulha. After ascending the pass you reach the mid level from here one need to take left route and go on the ridge. Take route going upward near the rock and the straight route goes to the top of Mordhan. We reached within two hours. There is plateau and connecting ridge which goes on long. One can see entire Kalsubai, Alang, Madan and Kulang range. You can also see Kavnai, Tringalwadi and Darne dam from top.
There are hardly any remnants of forts on the top. Only one water cistern and base stone of one room found on the fort. There is no water on the hill so one need to carry own food. Also there is no accommodation to stay on the fort. We had our snacks at the highest point where there is only tree on the hill. Vaishali brought cake so we celebrated our Christmas on the top of Mordhan!!!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Panhalgad-Pawankhind-Vishalgad - 21 to 24 July


We left by Mahalaxmi express on Friday, 21 July 2011. In the morning we took ST for Panhalgad. Since our target was reaching Vishalgad. We just salute to great warrior Bajiprabhu Deshpande and proceded from Pusati Buruj towards Karpewadi. We reached Karpewadi by 7pm. Next day again started at 7am and we reached Pandharpani by 2:30pm. There we had our lunch and we got ST going towards Pawankhind. The experience and aura of khind is totally amazing. We came up and were totally exhausted so decided to go to Vishalgad by jeep. Going to Vishalgad in fog in totally crowded jeep was experience to remember. In the night crossing the bridge on the river and after that reaching Vishalgad was terrific experience. By Nitin Bhosle's contact we got two rooms to stay on the Vishalgad. Then our hungama started, Nitin Bhosle and Sameer made Khichadi which was yummy:)
Next day again we got up early to catch first but going to Kolhapur. From there we got Mumbai Bus and our reaturn journey started.
The route is well marked so if experience trekkers are going then there is no need to have guide. Yeah do carry salt to get rid of leeches.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tikona aka Vitandgad - 10 July 2011

Tikona aka Vitandgad

On 10 July 2011 been to Tikona aka Vitandgad near Lonavala with YHK group. We went by private bus and reached Sunday early morning at the base village, Tikonapeth near Kamshet, Lonavala.
One can go from Lonavala and then take road going towards Kale Colony. From Kale colony the road going toward Paud takes to Tikonapeth. You can also get breakfast in the village. After having our breakfast in the very first stall we started our trek.
The route from village takes you to Tikona and route mark is there for Tikona fort.
So within an hour you can reach the fort. After reaching first ledge you can reach the Top of the fort in half an hour. The fort is scenic in monsoon. The fort also have cave but that is now captured by one Sadhubaba. There is water cistern next to cave. After reaching Balekilla, the top you can see the Tung, Lohgad, Visapur and Pawna dam area.
We just munch some snacks and immediately started descending. After reaching the base village we had our lunch. One can also order for lunch in the village. In the monsoon there are lot of ponds in the village where one can get clean. After refreshing ourselves we started our journey back!
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Padargad - 6 June 2011


We went by car to Khandas and in the morning started ascending. We reached till the base of Chimaney climb, coal. But rock were falling so couldnt reach the top!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naneghat Night Trek - 15 May 2011

Naneghat Night Trek - 15 May 2011

Did Naneghat night trek with YHK group. It was thrilling experience as we lost the route in the beginning it self and then the fun started.
It was so exciting to sleep in the river bed after sufficient effort to search the route. The moon was almost to full, trees in line and sky full with stars, it was amazing. Another group of Trekmates from down but on another side of valley thought we are robbers when we flashed a torch and they were in bush hiding for an hour. But when one of us clicked camera then with flash of camera they realised that we are trekkers. Next day morning when we met them at caves on top we heard this and we had good laugh.
Half of the group went to base of Khada Parsi pinnacle and we all others were enjoying Karvande. After they returned back we had tasty food at villager's house. And then our Sunny Trek started.
Few members due to lack of water got exhausted but finally all reached back to highway. So wonderful night trek where we explored all wrong ways but still everyone enjoyed that part most...its true that its fun to lost sometimes...chal dariya mein kho jaye...

Note: Naneghat caves will be open they wont put gate but they i.e. Arch dept have started taking down name of the group in their register.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chincholi-Peacock, Nighoj-Potholes-RanjanKhalge

Peacock’s Chincholi and Potholes at Nighoj
A relaxed outing at Chincholi, Nighoj, Ranjangaon and Chakan at weekend with Alaka, Sanju, Nitin Bhosle and YHK gang. We left at 7:30pm from Mulund and reached Chincholi around 1:30am. We took Mumbai Talegaon Rajgurunagar-Khed route.

Chincholi village is famous for peacocks around the home, in fields and surrounding jungle.
We had night hault at Khandoba temple and next day morning ventured out for Peacocks. With all chatty friends it was difficult to trace peacocks as they could easily hear and used to run away. But I enjoyed watching so many peacocks on the trees, flying and also so close to human habitat. We heard strange tradition as Villagers don’t serve the tea because their religious tradition is not use milk in tea. We went outside village towards entrance of the village and had tea and Kandepohe. Here all enjoyed wearing turban of one Dhangar and clicked snaps.

From Chincholi we moved towards Nighoj. One villager suggested us to go though Malthan as other road is bad so we took Malthan road. After 10 minutes we saw one Indica totally up on the road. The driver was very scared. Sanju, NItin Bhosle and Bapat helped him to get vehicle away from road.
We then asked Sanju to have safe speed. On the way to Nighoj we also visited a Palace of UdayRaje Pawar at Malthan. The palace had interesting two floors well and also underground route going till Kavathe, next village. We reached Nighoj around 11am. Here on the bank of Kukdi River, you will see lot of potholes on the riverbed.

The scientific reason is …

…This is a geographical phenomenon where the pebbles that are carried by the river get locked in the cracks developed in the basalt rock riverbed. These pebbles, which rotate due to the water current, form pot shaped cavities in the basalt rock over the hundreds of years….From Net
These are believed to be the largest natural pot holes in Asia. Seems this site is recorded in the Guinness Book of World records.

After Nighoj we also visited to Ganpati temple at Ranjangaon but due to crowd just had DoorDarshan. On the way at Chakan we also explored Palace which is now making over with the local volunteers.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kamalgad-Pandavgad 11-13 February 2011

Kamalgad-Pandavgad 11-13 February 2011

Since long I wanted to do Kamalgad and Pandavgad trek as I read lot of about ‘Geruchi vihir”, well on Kamalgad and Menvali village, one of the base of Pandavgad. Finally took leadership for YHK trek and been to this beautiful duo at Wai region near Mahabaleshwar. Needless to say, my camera was on passive mode as I was more worried about timings and reaching top.

We left at 11:30pm on Friday night from Dadar by private bus and reached Wai at 5am. When we reached Wai hardly anyone on the road so we followed the straight road going to Dhoom dam and Vaygaon. Then I realized that all the village name I read going towards Vasole is not this. They at one village we found one villager got up so we asked him the way going to Vasole, so he informed us that we have taken the another route of going to Kamalgad. Since Dhoom dam is on both the route of going to Kamalgad we took the road going to Vaygaon. Then we came to Wai village, where one can see river side temples from there we went into the Wai village and then took left route, the road going to Vasole

Village. After reaching Wadivali village we took left turn and pass through Washivali village. After reaching Vasole village a boy from one travel bus told us that since its 17 seater small bus it can go up till Tupe Wadi. So we went straight and then took right turn going to Tupewadi. By the time we reached Tupewadi, it was 6am. We requested one lady to cook poke and make tea with the stuff which we brought with us.

At 8:15 we all left for Kamalgad, the route goes from wadi and once we reached dry stream there are arrows which leads us to Kamalgad. We also saw “Mhatariche Dat” i.e. old lady’s teeth i.e. the stones on some distance at the top. The route goes on the ridge so if u see Kamalgad at your front then take right side, proper trodden trail goes till the top. After reaching the top of ridge there take the route going to left i.e. the route going to Gorakshnath temple, Dhangar Wasti on plateau.

Mangesh was behind and since he has the attitude of I can cover you all I wasn’t at all worried about him. Nitin Bhosle was very angry about his behavior of lay behind in spite of several calls and waiting for him so many times.

When we moved up from Dhangar Wasti towards the top of Kamalgad we found a small rock patch of hardly 10 feet. Pagan was not ready but Girish helped her and we all came at the top of the fort.

We then saw Mahabaleshwar from top, Pandavgad, Dhoom Dam area; it was beautiful to see water all around. We also went inside the dry well which was 40feet inside, cold and our hand became maroon colored like we have put up mahendi.

Mr. Mangesh came after sometime and asked me like why I didn’t kept my cell on, since there was no range I didn’t kept my cell on. He also told proudly how he came straight on the ridge and climbed the rock patch and reached plateau. I was not at all surprised by his behavior.

After spending an hour on the top we came back to plateau level front of the Dhangar house and had our lunch. We also asked them for water. By 1:30 pm we started descending the fort and to avoid yellow grass descending ridge took another trail which was bit lengthy but we reached village by 3pm.

From Tupe wadi we left for Menavali village, another attraction which I wanted to visit since it is picturised in many movies. We had tea at the Menavali stand. In the village you will find most of the houses with rangoli, front of the door. It is beautiful place with river flowing, the built ghat and also temple on the ghat. There is also palace of Nana Phadanvis from Peshave era. I enjoyed my photography here and enjoyed watching the water flowing slowly as if it is calm and content.

We halted at Wai to buy Pohe from stores and then also pre pone our visit to Ganapati Temple at Wai.

All enjoyed tasty vadapav and had hot tea. I didn’t felt like am on trek as if it was picnic.

Then we proceed to my cousin sister’s place at Dhavadi village, base of Pandavgad. My cousin wasn’t there but her in-laws were very helpful. NItin Bhosle, Pavan, Maria, Prakash and me all were busy in preparing Khichadi. My cousin’s mother-in-law was curios on how we are cooking.

Mean while another cousin in the same village came to meet me and I went with her to her place.

Here my cousin’s relative told me about Mr. Wadia who was in mind from the moment I read about him online.

My cousin’s place, every Sunday children from village comes to recite ‘Manache Shlok’ by Saint Ramdas.

So next day morning, Sunday I asked everyone to leave at 8am. We had Pohe and tea and one of our relative came to show us the path till road. We reached the second house and asked the villager how to go top, this is the first time I found any villager arrogant and he said search on your own. The path going from this house follows that and then takes right trail going toward the top.

When we reached top Mr. Wadia was giving all the fake stories like this is not a fort and just hillock come into existence in Deccan development. He saw leopard and villagers have poisoned the water tank. If villagers have poison the water tank then why he has taken the pipe line from the tank to house.

He says he is the third owner and now he has sold the fort to Mapro and he is just a caretaker.

He didn’t mention the first two owners of the fort.

When we asked him the path going to the top he also was uncooperative and said see if you can find, I don’t know. The villager staying down is his servant. We found something fishy as we hardly saw anyone staying on the plateau or even nearby areas of so unhelpful.

When you reached the so called bungalow of Mr. Wadia follow the trail and from first water tank take left. Even if you go straight doesn’t matter you will take full circle to the top and the path will finally lead to the entrance of the top. Here we saw the temple of Hanuman and also Pandjai Devi. There are water tanks on the top but they were dry. We again came at the entrance and had snacks.

Here again Prakash was missing and even otherwise I don’t put my cell on I finally put cell on so Mr. Prakash was started descending down. I asked him to stop at plateau level near bungalow. I also told Mangesh that you passed the wrong message by being too behind and not being in group.

When we reached the plateau the four members were waiting there. I told everyone about being in group which I instructed them in the very beginning of the group. In spite of that they were late for different reasons and since Pandavgad is like go from one side and come out from another side in circle they four thought we started descending down.

I wasn’t interested in arguing with them so just told them that moral of the story is be in group and we all started descending down. Dharit’s knee was injured so we waited for him at the base near road.

Finally we all reached the village back at 2pm. If one follows the right trail Pandavgad can be reached within an hour.

When we reached cousin’s place, her mother-in-law insisted to have tea and then I asked everyone to have it as otherwise it shows disregard to their hospitality. Very sweet couple with spiritual back ground my cousin is really lucky to have such peaceful life.

We left Dhavadi village at 2:30pm and had our lunch at Vele village just before Khambatki Ghat.

9pm and we reached Dadar and I was happy to have smooth trek. But driver came out with demand to have to-and-from kilometer charges from where the bus came i.e. Vikhroli to Dadar. Since earlier I never paid like this so I argued with him and his owner a lot. He also called up Vanraj travels from where I booked the bus but I wasn’t ready to listen. Next day when I told Anil about this he said to pay the difference according to them and I did the same. But this was something new learning to me as am still thinking why we have to pay for – from where or which garage the bus is coming and not only that also return fair of the same.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kalavantin Durg

Kalavantin Durg 26th Jan 2011

YHAI Kandivali Unit's Republican Day Celebration.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Lonar 2011, 15 Jan

Lonar Trip

Last weekend been to Lonar lake with our YHK team with Kruttika, Vicky, Ashish, Mani Family and others. We left 11.30pm on Friday, Jan 14 by 18 seater bus and reached Lonar next day 12pm. After having lunch at MTDC we left at 4pm to see all nearby temples. Prof Bugdane very well explained the history of temples and also scientific information about Lonar lake. MTDC Lonar has very good accommodation and food arrangement so families were happy.
Next day we went to see lake at 7am from descend at one temple side till half circle at the bottom of Dharatirth temple. We took 2 and half hour to complete half circle including our photography and Ashish collecting trash on the way. By 11am we came back to MTDC and got fresh up and left for SindKhed Raja where we saw Palace of Lakhuji Jadhav, father of Jaijabai. On the way we also clicked the snap of Jijau Srushti, a garden and hall in memory of Jijabai. We reached Aurangabad at 4pm and had delicious lunch at Kruttika's cousin's posh restaurant. 5pm we left and reached Mumbai by 12pm by Ahmadnagar-Pune-Chakan-Express Way. Luxurious outing [not used to with trekking adjustments in mind] with our team and first time with my friend - Vaishali-'s baba and sister, Vaidehi. Yes Lonar is not a trek it’s a trail which anyone can enjoy only with patience of 12 hours travel by road so recommended in winter! :)
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