Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jangali Jaigad Bhiravgad Ramghal, 24-26 Dec 10

Jangali Jaigad-Bhiravghal-Ramghal
Been to Jangali Jaigad-Bhiravgad-Ramghal with Priti and group. The forts are in Koyananagar range in between Chiplun and Patan, Satara. We went by private vehicle and reached morning at Koyananagar ST Stand. Priti already spoke to RFO so the Guard came with us for Jangali Jaigad. JJ is easy to climb and hardly any monuments on fort. One can see wild animal if there is no noise and one or two people. One has to carry ample amount of water and food on the fort.
After JJ we went by vehicle to Helvak, in between we had food and also got packed lunch from Koynanagar ST Stand. At Helwak we were waiting for jeepwala to drop us till temple. The jeepwala didnt turned up on time, we waited for him first at Helwak but he came with one party to whom he was supposed to drop at top, so again we waited for him at Taloshi the base village from where the kaccha route starts and only that sturdy jeep can go!
So here we waited from almost from 5 till 8. At last the jeepwala came and we started our journey for Bhairavgad. But since we started at night we could see few of wild animals in the night. After reaching at 10pm we had dinner and camp fire, me and Pawan went to sleep.
Next day morning i missed my YHK tradition of getting up ealy and making & having breakfast. We got up very late at 8am and just had tea and went to see fort, there is one water tank on the fort. At 12.30 we came back again and started our journey towards Ramghal. There is descend and ascend route in the range so at 4pm we reached Ramghal. On the way we had some snacks but since our whole group used to eat on the way here again i was exhausted as this time i carry little food in hurry and fall short of snacks. Ramghal is beautiful place if there is no other group and no noise. Fortunately only we were there so we could enjoy some people even enjoyed splash of water from small waterfall.
After Ramghal we started our journey back to Helwak stand. Some villagers couldn't understand why we started from Helwak, went to Bhiravgad and again came back to Ramghal and Helwak. But as usual trekkers are mad according to others so we didn't explain them, we just said "just like that" :) . We had tea and i bought lot of eatable as i was damn hungry then on the way we had dinner at Kanse village that was very delicious but also very spicy! We left at 7 from Helwak and reached 4.30 at Mumbai. In all, very relaxed trek and with different group but still i enjoyed with Priti, Pavan, Sourabh and everyone around!:)

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tringalwadi Fort, Dec 5, 2010


After EBC i just stopped every physical activities like going to gym, going to Shivaji Park for jogg, rock-climbing practice, the only activity i am doing is walking from Mudra house to Maratha colony bus-stop. I have gone into complete comfort zone. It is like had enough of trekking.

But again when I saw Tringalwadi on circular want to do this. Then i put it up on FB and also send a mail. I think that was the last volunteer online activity for the group. anyways...

Two days before I checked and came to know that all regular member are coming for the trek

after so many months. Nagesh, Sameer, Suraj, Nitin Bhosle and also Akshaya were there.

First we thought we will go by public transport but then there were 22 members so arranged bus. I went to Teju's house for dinner and gupshup before catching the bus from Malad highway.

Its like ages me, Teju, Suraj and Nagesh were chatting and laughing together.

We started our journey around 9:30 from Malad highway and on the way picked up everyone.

After hault at Kasara for tea and fresh-up we reached Tringalwadi around 3:30am

Morning we had tough time to get place to relax ourselves as it was bright sunny and we ladies do not know where to go but somehow managed far away from the village.

After having Poha and tea we proceeded towards Talaya wadi.