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Ankai, Tankai & Gorakshagad, July30-Aug1, 2010

Ankai, Tankai & Gorakshagad, July30-Aug1, 2010

July 30 to August1st been to Ankai, Tankai & Gorakshagad with Vaishali, Paresh & group.
These forts are at Manmad region ahead of Nashik. From Manmad station we took Passenger train and got down at Ankai Kila Station.
At one side of station are Ankai & Tankai forts and another side is Gorakshagad.
There are caves before the col between Ankai and Tankai forts. These caves reminded me of my trip to Ajanta-Ellora.
From base till the top of both the forts have steps and is easy to climb.
I like Tankai with huge plateau and ancient temple.
On Ankai one saint look like 'Baba' didnt allowed us to stay in the main cave of Agastya Muni.
So we halted at another cave and had our nightstay.
On both forts water is availble but one need to arrange for food.
Next day we moved to Gorakshagad. There are three caves and yes there are steps so anyone can go uptill caves.
It seems to reach the top of Goraksha one need rope and it is not advisable to climb the rocks in rain.
We reached the highway near base village of Goraksha, Visapur well in time and was waiting for vehicle to reach Manmad station.
And yeah there after long time...I travelled by truck :)

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