Tuesday, August 17, 2010

15th August Trek to Sankashi

15th August Flag Hosting - Sankashi fort

This year we YHK celebrated 15th August at Sankashi fort near Panvel.
On Mumbai-Goa highway there is way to Balvali and from Balwali one road goes to Bhendiwadi.
One can take small vehicle uptill the base to Fort near Durgah ahead of Bhendiwadi.
The fort height is around 800ft and easy to climb. There is only one small rock-patch which one needs to tackle. It takes around one and half hour to reach the top. There are six water cisterns on the top but no other structure. One need to arrange for food and water on their own.
Advocate Sujata Mhadgut, our senior member was there for flag hoisting.
Families, Kids & "Photographers' everyone enjoyed the trek :)

Check out the snaps!

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