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Sinhgad-Rajgad-Torna to Raigad through Borata Nal 26th Jan 2010

Sinhgad to Raigad through Borata Nal
Guys in this trek i could remember only following timings given by Nagesh & Sanju and just walk and walk...
10pm by Sumo to Atkarwadi base of Sinhgad
1:30am reached Atkarwadi, stayed at School, had tea & biscuit
6:25am trek started
7:45 reached top, had breakfast
from Sinhgad to go Rajgad one has to go to Winzer.
We took route from Devtake at Sinhgad and walked on the ridge going towards Winzer.
We started from Devtake at 9:50am and reached Winzer by 4:45pm
One has to follow ridge and then at the end take right turn instead of going up. We went up and then tackled one rock patch facing towards Winzer, here we took two hours.
One has to follow straight ridge going towards Winzer village.
I was totally exhausted at the end descend on ball-bearing & dry grass.
At Winzer we had tea & biscuit and again started walking towards Sakhar village.
I thought we will take vehicle from here but there are not much vehicles going towards Gunjawane and it is also long route instead you reach fast by walk, that’s what villagers told us.
The river and evening light was pleasing, we reached Sakhar village by 6:30pm.
From Sakhar we reached Gunjavane village by sumo at 6:50pm.
At Gunjavane we had tea at Purohit's house.
Started trek for Rajgad at 7:20pm.
Nitin Bhosle was very familiar with the route as he was leader for kids’ camp at Rajgad-Torna so he took lead to show route in the dark.
It was very pleasing whenever we used to take break:) the moon, the cold wind and familiar jungle. But climbing was very tiring finally we reached by 9:15pm.
As usual Rajgad was very crowded but we got place to sleep at Rameshwar Temple.
Since Nagesh was there getting up at sharp 5:30am was by default:)
After getting fresh and breakfast from Vitthal we started trek at 7:30am.
We descended through Aalu Darwaja from Sanjivani Machi. I came here four years back but in monsoon so couldn’t see anything. So now watching Sanjivani machi and the route going through Aalu Darwaja was very refreshing.
We reached Budhala Machi by 12:30pm and had lunch we ordered from Bhau at Velha. The person who got lunch for us showed the route going towards Bhatti.
At 2:15pm we started from Walanjai Darwaja which is at left side once we climbs Budhala Machi and starts going towards Kalyan Darwaja.
The route is almost invisible, a very thin line which goes straight and then descends towards Bhatti is this route. The whole route is descending ridge of ball-bearing and dry grass so at two places i sat down and slide on the route.
After finishing this route we reached one plateau and again started descending to next plateau.
The villager told us instead of going to Bhatti goes to Kanand Pass and take bus going to Varoti.
From the plateau one has to take left going towards pass and you can see Bhatti village at right side. We got 5:30pm st going to Kumbale village from pass and we got down at Pasle Phata.
Here we had tea & biscuit break and again started walking towards Varoti village.
Here coincidently one old-man joined us. Whole route he was talking, singing Powada, Gondhal, the traditional songs of Maharashtra and related to Shivaji Maharaj. He was going towards Harpur, the village near to Mohari which was our destination for a day!
We reached Varoti village by 6:45pm, Nagesh and Sanju asked villagers about route from jungle going to Mohari.
Here when we started it was getting dark so i was little bit anxious with fear of wild animals.
After some time Mangesh who was ahead with Mama asked him to show us the route till Mohari. We asked him that how much he will charge and the innocent Mama asked only for rupees fifty!
It was dark and I was getting tired by climbing and I asked Mama as how much we have to climb?till that time we climbed two hillocks. Mama said 'Bai Damali' means lady exhausted. Whole route he was reapiting the two sentence Harpur is at right and 'Bai damply'.
I was later on irritated with his continuous talk but he was our guide in that dark jungle.
Later on when we got flat route we had some eatables. By 9:40 we reached the top wadi before Mohari which they call as extension of Shingapur. It was just two minutes before Mohari.
I was very glad as finally we reached as per our target to Mohari. It tested my strength and patience. Here at one house we cooked our food and few people slept inside [with cow, goat, bull, etc]and few outside the house.
Everyone got some joint pain like knee, shoulder, etc. Since we had strenuous trek
we decided to get by 6:30am. The Lady of the house got up at 4am to get ready for 7am bus from Varoti. All villagers at Mohari and wadi have to cross two hours jungle to get down at Varoti. What a painful & struggling life!and here in city we crib for small things.
At Mohari we met people who came back from Lingana climb. Morning we had readymade Upama so everyone in the house and Mama was curious as how it tastes. We shared that Upama with everyone.
From here we started at 9:30am for Boratyachi Nal. Mama first took us to the end of Railing Plateau from where we could see the Lingana climb.
We thanked Mama and he too was happy to guide us and enjoyed that small trip.
Boratyachi Nal reminded me of Darya ghat and at one traverse like the Nali route.
Again the dry grass made me cautious but after sometime i tried to walk fast so that i won’t
We reached the pass where the base of Lingana climb starts, the group from Pune has climbing for non-climbers.
Baban Kadu was waiting for us at the diversion of Lingana machi. We reached the base by 3pm.
Here we had riverside lunch, which we ordered from Baban. After lunch we had some rest and again move forward for Chhatri Nizampur by 4:20pm
Instead of road we took short cuts for Warangi village and reached there by 5:45. The construction work of dam is going on. Here at one tapari we had tea & biscuit.
At 6:50pm we reached Chhatri Nizampur and we waited for 7:15 ST going to Raigad base.
After reaching Raigad base we had VadaPav and tea and all made calls to home. At 8:30pm we started trek for Raigad. Now we all were in relaxed mood so we had lots of break, as we knew our target is within reach and very familiar route. At Mahadarwaja, Nagesh played flute and that was the moment where we all were quite, the moonlight, and the melodious symphony of flute!!!
I will never forget this moment in my life as though it was worth after doing three day non-stop day & night trek! thanks to Nagesh for this fulfilling moment!
We reached Raigad by 10:30pm and first had dinner at Deshmukh's house. Since it was very crowded we slept at Bajarpeth. At Raigad I always have this strange feeling as though someone is watching me! I am not fanatic but if soul really exists then it might be at Raigad where Maharaj are still there!
Next day we got up at 6:30am and after sometime we were glad to see Anil, Kunal and two others. After getting fresh, we met Vitthal for our next event discussion. At 9:15am Flag hosting ceremony started and it was delight to see such a huge Tiranga in the sky!
After going to Takmak tok we went to hotel for breakfast. By 11:30am we started descending towards Pachad. From Pachad we took jeep for Mahad. Here we requested YH Mahad unit to book our tickets as 26th Jan you always get crowded ST. Nagesh went to collect tickets and after getting tickets we had lunch. Then it was just waiting for our 4:30pm bus to arrive!
We all were very happy as we could finish this range in three days! no doubt we took vehicle from Sakhar village to Gunjavane, from Kanand Pass to Pasale phata and from Chhatri Nizampur to Raigad base but every time that was to save the time and to finish our trek well within time. Especially instead of walking from pass to Gelganwadi - Harpur-Mohari, going by ST to Pasale phata was wise decision as when we were walking through Mohari jungle we could see how Harpur was far away. We could have reached only up till Harpur and that could have shifted our trek schedule.
But ALL IS WELL that ends well also all of us were very co-operative to each other, you need good understanding between members when you have such lengthy trek. We all from start to end enjoyed this trek as we all were highly motivated to do this range within three days and to reach Raigad by 26th to celebrate our Republican Day!!!
Me with achievement that if I can do this then i can do lot more things!!!

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Aundh-Patta 8-10 Jan 2010

Aundh-Patta Windy Trek

This time no seniors and we heard of Aundh rock patch climb but then thought we have start somewhere on our own and then we decided even three of us me, Sumit and Nitin Bhosle will manage the trek. Later of three more joined us and we left for Aundh-Patta from Dadar TT by 11pm bus to Egatpuri.
Since next day morning the Bhagur ST bus for Ninavi village was at 6:30am we decided to stay at my Uncle’s place at Egatpuri. We reached Egatpuri highway at 3:30am and then stayed at my Uncle’s house. We hardly relaxed and again left house at 6am for our next bus. When we reached the depot we came to know that bus for Bhagur is cancelled so we decided to move further to Ghoti by available ST. We reached Ghoti by 6:45am and our next bus was at 8am for Ninavi. We had misalpav and tea and sweets at for breakfast and was waiting for ST. Later on ST Depot told us that there was some accident on the way so our Bus couldn’t come on time. It was 9am and was getting late so we hired one jeep till Ninavi village.
The route from Kadwa dam is beautiful but it is closed now so one has to take next right for going to Ninavi village. By 10am we were at the base of Aundh.
Since the route going straight through ‘nali’ was risky villagers advised us to go through cattle route. We took one and half hour to reach first plateau. There was one house on the plateau and for a safer side we asked villager, Yashwant as a guide. We relaxed a bit and had some carrot and cucumber, thanks to Sumit.
We moved up to second plateau and reached there by 12:45pm. It was getting very hot and I was already exhausted. So we had Glucon-D and again relaxed
for some time. By 1:30pm we reached the base of Aundh-climb. We had quick lunch and moved ahead for climbing, it was 2pm.
For Aundh climb, initially there are large steps and then there is a rock-patch. Villagers have fixed wire so one has to hold that and climb up. Here villager helped us in climbing the both rock patches. Second rock patch has overhang but with the help of wire one can climb up easily.
On the top there is local deity, one underground water tank and also a cave which has local story as one dace has stored all stolen ornaments on the fort.
While descending we met a group from Natick who fixed a rope line to climb up so we descend on the same rope. We came down by 3:45pm and had some snacks. By 5pm we moved further for Patti fort. You can see the entire route from Aundh to Patta as there are so many windmills on the way. While going towards Patta fort we got lift from local Engineer and they dropped us till the road goes up. As per villager’s direction we followed the cattle route which we found immediately after climbing bit up but later on we found that this is not a correct route. Since it was getting dark, Sumit and Arvind went to check the rockpatch but even that wasn’t the route. We heard stories of wild animals on the Patta route so we decide to come back to village in between Aundh and Patta.
Since the Tirade village was even far at one hour distance we decided to stay at Guard’s office, which was Container! We asked the permission to Chief Engineer to stay at Container. I never thought while trekking I ever stayed in Container. Arvind and Nitin Bhosle prepared Khichadi. I was bit uncomfortable with all those ten security guards around so I asked Sumit to be with me. Later on since the space was less and we were six extra people, to accommodate us comfortably few of Guards went to one temple nearby. Really helpful nature but initially I was doubtful about them. The fear of wild animal was strong but still we were making fun of that. After having Khichadi we immediately went to sleep. In the night, the door of container opened quite a few times. Nitin Bhosle, Sumit and I were on the front of the door so fear of animal and also cold wind made us awake all the time.
Security Guard suggested us to get up when there will be sunrise and in the light to do all our morning work.
We had tea and biscuits and asked Guard to show us the path going to Patta fort as wanted to check, which path we took yesterday and where is the actual route.
When we reached the road going to base of Patta rock patch from Aundh side.
We were wondering where the Guard is going up but that was the actual route going towards Patta. One has to climb up till you come close to rock and very thing route parallel to rock goes to Patta. The route which we took yesterday goes gown to village. Clever Nitin Bhosle very sweetly and politely asked Guard to enjoy his Sunday with us roaming Patta fort, the Guard later on came till Pattawadi!
We reached the entrance of Patta by 9:30am. Reaching top of the Patta fort was somehow different feeling…may be because I was bit unwell, none of the senior were there and still we tackled the climbing of Aundh, at the right time decided to move back to container…and finally reached the top!
Patta fort is really huge and like Aundh even Patta is very windy. There are caves and water tanks. At Patta side there is Palace where Shivaji Maharaj stayed is still in good condition. I loved that structure as it was very comfortable with enough light and air. You don’t get suffocated as you usually get in other old structures.
We took two hours on the Patta fort and then descend towards Patta Wadi. On the way to Patta Wadi side one can see Ashtabhuja Goddess temple and also two caves on lower side. Here we had some snacks and descend further to Pattawadi. By the time we reached wadi it was 1:15pm. From wadi we headed towards Ekdara phata for 2:30 Kasara ST. But again it was very lengthy route and hot we all were hoping to get lift. And since all wished for vehicle to drop us after ten minutes we saw one sumo coming and smart Arvind requested owner such a way that he accommodate all of us plus when he got down in between he asked his driver to drop us till Ekdara Phata.
We were waiting for ST so Sumit started his “Wild Photography” from Bull to cowdung
At 3:15pm we got the ST for Kasara and reached the Kasara station by 5:15pm
Since the next train was at 6:14pm, we had Tea and snacks. Our adventure was still on as station was crowded so we all were ready to get the seats together.
Finally we all got into the train and got to seat together.
Aundh-Patta trek will be more memorable because of coming back in dark to Guard’s office which was container and staying in that container!!!
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