Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indrai Rajdeher, 26 - 29 Dec 09

Indrai Rajdeher
Avi decided long back to do these forts when Alekh and Erin will come in India. So when both came for vacation we decided to do Indrai and Rajdeher forts. We went by Avi's car till Chandwad and reached Indraiwadi, the base village of Indrai fort in the evening. We started at 5pm, the route to Indrai goes from back from where we starts. So take turn again climb up, and follow the route which takes you to the steps of Indrai. When we reached the fort by 7pm, it was getting dark. We couldn't find the caves initially but after long search we found the caves. As you go to the top plateau of Indrai you will see the path going to top and on one rock you will see arrow pointing to left. Follow that route and you will reach the caves. After reaching the caves we were relaxed. We then started preparing for Masala-Khichadi. Getting dry wooksticks, making chulha, giving 'Fodani' first and showing that to Erin so that next time she can make it was all fun. At last our khichadi got ready to eat. After dinner it felt even more cold and cave searching made everyone tired so all went to sleep. Next day we descend down to Indraiwadi and went to Chandwad to get some medicine for Avi.
By the time we were on the way to Rajdeherwadi it was evening. We stopped at one place where Erin was getting pictures. One villager came and chit-chat with him ended in staying at his place. His house in the mid of farm was small but with full of hospitality. They were so kind that they shared the same food which they cooked for themselves and ready to sleep outside as we might feel cold outside.
It was different experience for Erin and Avi was explaining her all the details. In the night it was amazing to sleep in the open watching all stars. Next we got up early and moved to Rajdeherwadi. We took three hours to reach from the base to top of the fort. Rajdeher is supposed to be difficult to climb but due to one 'Sadhu', now there is one ladder. So you just climb the ladder and you enter the fort. Entrance of Rajdeher fort itself gave me positive vibes.
The 'Sadhu' stays at the cave which you see just when you enter the fort. From that cave you go to the left side up and you will see lake one the way and caves with water. We had food and slept for a moment, it was so windy that we dropped the idea of staying in open. We went back to Sadhu so he asked us to go next construction. It was impossible to argue with him as he is having 'Mounvrat'[no-talk] for five years of which four years are completed. Other than opposition to stying with him, he helped with giving bucket, offering tea and snacks and again came to check whether we got settled or not and requires anything.

In the evening we went to the other end of the fort to see sunset. It was awesome to see entire range starting from Koldeher to Kanchana, Dhodap, Vikhara, Jawala, Rawala & Markanda. While coming back we collected dry cactus for chulha and again our we started preparing for Masala khichadi. This time Avi was teaching Erin how to cook and how to roast Papad on chulha.

Like Indrai even at Rajedeher it was damn cold so we immediately went to sleep after dinner. When I got up in the early morning, it was lovely to see rising sun from bed. Me, Alekh and Erin went out to click the snaps. It was beautiful morning and we four were relaxed watching rising sun. After getting fresh up we decided to move down so went give bucket to 'Sadhu' again. While leaving he gave us one paper on which he had written that he want to develop 'tiger-project' at the fort and he asked us to promote this activity. First of all Rajdeher is not so densed where wild animal can leave. Still since again we couldnt agrue[due to his mount-vrat] we jsut took that paper and came back. We took one and half hour to descend down. On the way we also enjoyed small waterfall.

At village, Erin wanted to visit school children so we went to visit the school. All school kids were very enthu to see foreigner so as Teacher and later on some Centre Head authority. Finally we left Rajdeher and proceed to Mumbai. It was a good hike as it was away from crazy crowd nowadays we get even at forts. I heard later on that Alang-Madan-Kulang got groups with 30 people and all. So on this background our trek was as if we were the King of the forts because only four of us were there on both the forts!

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  1. Hello,

    Is a rope must for Rajdeher? or the ladder is sufficient?

  2. In 2009, the ladder was sufficient. It is fixed so i dont think rope is must. But still if you have general public then do carry rope for saffety side.

  3. Hi,
    Did you find any inscription on fort Rajdher?