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Sudhagad September 13, 2009

Sudhagad - To relax
Sudhagad this weekend. One workaholic, one busy, one cool and one crazy - four distinct personalities but got gel very fast. We decided to go to Sudhagad and started from Kalyan on Saturday eve. We reached the base village Thakurwadi in the night and started our trek. Gitu was doing trek after a long gap but she showed incredible stamina to cope with all. Sitting on the steps of the ladder at Sudhagad and experiencing the silence was wonderful.

Top of the fort was in fog so took time to found out the ‘wada’, the accommodation at the fort. We took three and half-hours to reach this place from base. The palace 'wada' was very quite as only we were there. After having food - Avi, Gitu and me started experiment with my camera. We were trying to capture midnight sky from no light at all. Avi directed the frames, Gitu for suggestions and I was to adjust technical requirements. Instead of tripod we used camera bag for long exposures. After an hour trial we finally got the expected shot of night sky from 'wada'.

Morning we woke up very late. Gitu and me went outside and it was still foggy. We all were in relaxed mood so enjoyed tea and snacks with chitchat and listening to Gitu’s cases from Women Liberation movement.

Sudhagad fort has many remnants of old historical structure. One can see TailBaila, Ghangad from one end. Bhorai Devi temple is main temple on the fort. We didn’t expected rain in the noon but it started with lightning and thundering. In the rain we explore ‘chor darwaja’ at one end. While climbing back the steps of ‘chor darwaja’ water started flowing from up and climbing steps against flowing water was amazing experience.

Sudhagad is very easy fort to climb and a good place to relax so children and any family person can enjoy this fort. One has to carry food or carry ration as one family stays near ‘wada’ so they can cook for you. Water is no problem for this fort. We started descending in the eve and reached the base village in the night. From there started our journey back to Mumbai.

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