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2009-08-21 Lenyadri Chavand


15th Aug 09 - weekend went to Chavand fort near Junnar with Avinash - Sumedha, Prachet (their son), and Chetan - Aarati. We left Kalyan at 7am and halted at Moroshi for breakfast.
Malshet ghat was scenic in the rain so my photo shoot started and since we went by Avi’s car we halted at many places on the way. We went to Lenyadri first, for me doing this ascend pre-trekking and post-trekking was huge difference:)
We took Manikdoh dam route so instead of going straight we took long route and saw many forts like Nimgiri, Hadsar, Naneghat and Jivdhan from car :) and then went to Chavand but since we all were hungry went to Junnar for Lunch. Finally we came to Chavandwadi at 5:30pm.
From sea level Chavand fort’s height is 3400 ft but from base one can reach the fort in hour and is easy to climb and for exposed rock steps there is railing now.
After an hour we reached the top by that time it became foggy and Chavand fort itself gives mysterious feel. We then started searching for caves but couldn’t found due to darkness and fog. I was damn scared while going through my height grass as I read about reptiles on the fort. Finally we pitched the tent near seven cisterns, which are also called as “Sapt Matruka” which has reference in mythology.
We all immediately jumped into the tent as wind started blowing heavily.
After so many months I stayed in tent on the fort, which was next to water tank and near to edge. It was awesome. We had thepalas for dinner and were feeling so cold that immediately went to sleep. Whole night windy rain gave the feeling as if the tent will bend. We all got up early morning but it was so cold outside that we preferred to stay in cozy tent till sun came op top. At last when Prachet completed his sleep and tried to go out we all got up. We saw village boys on the fort and then Avi asked one of them to show the way to caves. The caves are really down and one cannot make out from top where they will be. One has to keep in mind the direction; they are exactly opposite to Nimgiri fort. After that we went to Chamunda Devi Temple on hillock. It says from the name “Chamunda” the fort name became “Chavand”. Shivaji Maharaj named this fort at Prasannagad. There are lot of water tanks and remnants of construction. Even the front wall of the fort is in good condition till date.
We reached in noon at Chavandwadi and from there we headed towards Kukadeshwar Temple. The temple is famous for Hemadpanthi – rock lock – construction but since it was in unsafe condition ASI has dismantle the upper part of the temple. All beautifully carved stones are lying near the temple. From last two year work is going on and don’t know how long will it take.
We decided to have lunch at Junnar and then to go to Chetan & Aarti’s house at Nimgaon near Junnar. They have huge bungalow and farm containing Tomatoes, Chilies, Custard Apple, etc. His Baba is very enthusiastic about farming and showed the entire farm. His Aai gave tasty Kothimbir vadi to eat. Coconut, Biscuits & Tea was in row. We were already filled with late lunch so was feeling sorry to avoid all the tasty stuff.
It was peaceful to see sunset from outside his house. His lovely Granny and all asked us to stay back. But next day we all had to get back to our routine so decided to leave late evening. Our two days journey was comfortable & pleasurable with relax mind!

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