Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Darya Ghat

Darya Ghat 18th July 2009
On Saturday been to Darya Ghat near Palu, Murbad. This is a route, which connects to Amboli village, Junnar at top. We started at 8am in the morning from Eshtyachi wadi, the base village at starting of ghat and reach the top at 12 noon. The total route is zigzag and crossing the waterfall coming from top. One has to climb boulders after jungle line. It was indeed fun as we experience rain in between, fog at top, and route where water from top were like showers.
We had snacks at top and immediately started our journey back as we were sure that while going down water level of waterfall will increase. We were very careful as water force and moss made it difficult to descend. We took halt for lunch near hut type shelter in the jungle. When we were very close to village, half of the group lost the main route and came down through another route. Finally we all came down and had readymade tea i.e. the powder in hot water. Eshtyachi wadi is just six home together place so one has to carry ration and has to stay the villages before this wadi as we stayed at Dehri, the base of Gorakhgad.
Since we went by private vehicle transportation wasn’t a problem but one can get jeep on Murbad - Palu route.
And yeah a different experiment in photography

- a creativity by Sanju and Sumit and I was there just to click the shot. Do check!

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