Monday, May 25, 2009

Songiri Fort May 24, 09

On Sunday, May 24, 09 been to Songiri fort near Palasdari, Karjat. We caught the first Khopoli train and reached Palasdari at quarter to seven. We had tea biscuits at Awalas village with the kind hospitality of Mr. Mahadev Pawar, a house next to General Store. From here we started ascending towards Songiri.
With a stretch one can reach till pass within two hours from bottom. Before pass there is small and easy rock patch. From pass one has to take right to go to top. The top of fort is very small and has only one dry water tank. The entire area is with few vegetation and in this period as if waiting to transform.
While descending we took a path towards Kondhane. But since we were not sure about the route and scarcity of water we decided to go to a Beed village, which was visible from the top. We reached the village in an hour. We were so thirsty that had jars of water at Mrs. Jogi's house. From Beed we took an auto-rickshaw to Kondhane village and went to Kondu's House. After testy food we relaxed a bit and started our return journey back to Mumbai.
In short a small and easy trek. This trek will be indeed beautiful in the monsoon with passing through Ulhas valley.
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