Sunday, March 23, 2008

Korlai March 23, 2008

Sunday 23, 08 went to Korlai Fort near Revdanda, Alibuag. The fort height is just 275mt and there are steps way and jetty way to enter the fort. Since the steps- way was too easy so we decided to climb from village side climbing fortification. In the fort, there are remnants of Nizamshahi Palace converted into Church. Also you will find temple and Tulasi structure which depicts Chimaji Appa's victory at the end in 1739. The fort is indeed beutiful with sea from three sides and also the northern part of the fort with Santacruz showing strong Portuguese Control. In short you not only trek but goes through the history of Nizam, Porguese and Peshawa while crossing all the doors. At the base you can also visit Lighthouse. Oh yaa some of us also enjoyed swimming!

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