Friday, January 30, 2009

Vasota Nageshwar Republican Day 09

Stay in Vasota jungle and Republican Day celebration at Nageshwar caves is memorable experience. We, YHAIK group celebrates Independence Day & Republican Day with Nature. This time we decided to celebrate at Vasota-Nageshwar. We went through Parel-Satara bus and from Satara hired jeep till Bamnoli. The entire route from Satara to Bamnoli is picturesque. We could also mark a difference of the same route as we been there in September. The variation of nature is amazing and once again was serene with the entire beauty.

After reaching Bamnoli one have to struggle for permission and also for launch. Since we were bit late we had to convince F.O. about our stay and how can we manage on our own with our tents. Finally we got the permission and proceed to Met Indavali, the base of Vasota. The entire launch journey is a unique experience. You feel as if you are going to different world. After hour and half we reached the campsite at Met Indavali. After pitching our tent we started our trek to Vasota. Even after doing all timepass we reached the top of Vasota within two and half hours.

The deep jungle valley surrounding Vasota is astonishing. One will really get lost if gets into forest without any information of direction. BabuKada really makes to recall of KokanKada and top of that Old Vasota is like tiara on the jungle. Simply marvelous…

We took an hour to roam entire fort and then had our lunch. By the time we started our return journey at four the sun also started going back to home. On the way stream side we freshen up and then directly came to campsite, as it was getting dark.

Courtesy to Tanvi and Sameer we got delicious Rice and Curry while we were enjoying the Flute performance by Nagesh. He also sung old melodies, which were comforting with the jungle calmness.

Going for loo and cleaning utensils at lakeside were only daunting work in that darkness where you could hear all the yowling sounds. It was very thrilling too and we were actually waiting to see at least one animal but in vein, we could only hear them…

Next day early morning we started out trek with local guard through stream route, which goes to the backside of Nageshwar caves at ‘Kund’, water-tank. The entire route is bliss as you are totally in the shadow and ascend is too gradual. On the way we met the group who got scared on the way from Nageshwar to Vasota and created whole chaos! After three hours we reached the Nageshwar caves.

The other public at caves also participated for Flag Hosting. The tribute to Tiranga in the caves, in front of deep valley was awesome experience. We feel really proud for our Nation when we sing our National anthem all together even with people unknown to us!

Since the guard advised us about sunstroke at first patch while descending Chorvane side, we decided to move quickly from the caves. The scree route at the start makes your speed slow and that’s where one takes time to descend. But once you clear the first patch then you just have to walk and walk and walk…
One also has to carry enough of water as sun directly heats you and there is hardly any shelter or water source on the way. After four hours descend we finally reached the base village. None of us were in mood to have lunch but still had some thepals and went to catch ST for Chiplun. After reaching Chiplun had some snacks and got to seat in the crowded bus as we reserved our tickets well in advance.
Three cheers to all of us for wonderful celebration of Republican Day!!!
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The timings:
Parel Satara – 6hours
Satara Bamnoli – 1:30mnts
Bamnoli Met Indavali – 1:30mnts
Met Indavali Vasota – 2:30mnts
Vasota Met Indavali – 2 hours
Met Indavali Nageshwar steam route – 3 hours
Nageshwar Chorvane – 4 hours
Chorvane Chiplun - 1:15mnts
Chiplun Mumbai – 6:30mnts

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