Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rasalgad-Sumargad-Mahipatgad Dec 08

On 24th to 28th Dec, YHAIK group went to do a range at Koynanagar of three forts namely Rasalgad, Sumargad and Mahipatgad.
We, nine of us started our journey from Thane at 10pm and reached Khed at 5pm. Had breakfast at ST canteen and proceed our journey
towards Tale village by catching another ST going to Dahivali village.
From Tale we started our nature trail in fog. It was nice walk sometimes on tar road sometimes mud-path and rising sun was with us to welcome.
The entire route goes through different small villages i.e. wadi, like Bandarwadi, Gawalwadi, etc. At top we reached Nimni alias Ghera Rasalgad, which is the base of Rasalgad from Tale side. It takes an hour to reach the top of the fort from this wadi. We had small break and some snacks at this place and enjoyed watching cricket of local kids at around 1000ft.
While climbing Rasalgad at left hand side one can see Rasalwadi. The height of Rasalgad is of 1770ft and have very easy to approach as vehicle can reach upto Nimni village. We took five hours to reach from Tale village to the top of the fort. We stayed in Zolai Devi temple, which have Deepmal and tank of drinking water next to the temple.
We had our lunch and then relaxed till eve and then left for site seeing. There are lots of canons, small structures, and one storage room on the fort.
For dinner we enjoyed delicious Pulav made by Padmaja and then Masala-milk made by Vaishali.
Next day we left early morning for Sumargad & Mahipatgad with one guide from Rasalwadi. We took five hours to reach the base of Sumargad. The height of fort is 2000ft and is graded as difficult. To climb the fort one has to reach the back of the fort and then climb 30 ft rock-patch. Our guide took us to the top from easier route so we climbed the rock-patch without rope. Sumargad have very small cave and two water tanks. One can see entire range from the top. There is also one pillar water-storage at the top. While descending we put the rope for safety.
After Sumargad we proceed to Mahipatgad and reach the base of village, Wadi Beldar in three hours. Since it was 6pm we decided to had dinner and then to climb Mahipatgad. Our guide from Rasalgad was not sure to search temple in the night so he went back. At Wadi, we had tasty dinner made by Parvati Aji, we all were impressed by her hospitality, the kindness... a real village touch!
We started our night trek with the help of local guide from Wadi. The fort is of 3090ft and is easy to climb. Mahipatgad is totally surrounded by dense forest and also one can see wild animals.
We stayed in Pareshwar temple and could hear roaring sounds whole night. Next day morning, we covered most of the fort area, which includes four entrances of the fort.
By noon we descend to Wadi Beldar and had lunch again at Aji's place. By 4pm we left Wadi beldar and started our journey back to Dahivali village. From Wadi we crossed the two hills, one valley and from one Pass we came to the other side of the hill that were going down to Dahivali. Since it was getting dark we decided to halt at one villager's house, which was only shelter in that area on the way rather than going to Dahivali village. Our decision was right as there was some function in the village and also we would had to search for shelter and food.
Staying in the open, having Soup and Kanda-Bhaji, discussion about history and songs in the night...a perfect camping at the last night of our trek!
Early morning we descend to Dahivali village and caught the bus going to Khed and from Khed we immediately got the bus for Mumbai. The four days trek was entirely fun-filled with Vaishali, Padmaja, Tushar, Nitin, Amod and Paresh

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  1. Wow, this must have been a terrific one!
    Happy new year :-)

  2. Dear Deepali, Can I have Ur cell No. or email ? I want to discuss with U about trek of Sumar, Rasal & Mahipat. I am doing historical research on these forts.
    Pravin Kadam
    Mobile No. 9323294530

  3. Dear Deepali, planning to do this trek On March 5 and 6 next month. Are these 3 forts doable in 2 days.

    Please reply or ping me or text me...Thanks
    My number is 8551087843 Siddharth Nagarkar

  4. Hey Deepali nice info..Also could you share the mobile number of any local there so that we can take him as a guide for Rasalgad-Sumargad-Mahipatgad