Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nali Route Climb Dec 2008

Harishchandragad through Nalichi Vat [Nali Route] 5-7th Dec 08

Last weekend, we YHAI-Kandivali Unit leaders did Harishchandragad through Nali route in Malshej ghat region.
The height of Harishchandragad is 4671 ft [from sea level] and of Kokankada is 1312 ft. Kokan Kada is a huge semi-circular rock wall and gives terrific sight.
We left on Friday noon from Kalyan and stayed at Walivare [Belpada], the base village of Nali.
Next morning 6am we started our trek and after an hour at giant steps we had our breakfast. The nali route is risky as it has loose rocks. There are three rock patches and one traverse. But we all, with the help of our senior and experienced trekkers like Anil, Sanju and Kishore did this trek quite easily.
We had royal snacks starting from Apple to cashew, which we enjoyed after every rock patch. For me the traverse and last rock patch was challenging. But again all my friends were there to teach me:)
At last at 3pm we were at Mighty Kokankada. It was a feeling of achievement after doing rigorous trek. Each one of us fully enjoyed the teamwork, the boosting, the royal snacks, the teasing and off course after so many days a campfire in chilling winter.
Next day while descending we took Khireshwar route, which is quite easier and we started our journey back through Malshej Ghat.
In organizing trek for others we miss the communication with our fellow trek leaders. But in this trek we all enjoyed every moment.
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